Hi! This is Jenn. We adopted Spud on Sunday at PetSmart. We are calling him Zeke. It seems to fit him better. I just wanted to give you a quick update on him. He is fitting in so perfectly with us! I have attached a picture for you, he’s just chilling out on the couch. He’s comfortable with everyone here, but the cat still hasn’t decided that he wants anything to do with Zeke just yet. But every day the cat (his name is King, and he’s 11) gets a little bit more brave and one day he will be brave enough to get face to face. Zeke obviously just wants to say hi and play with King! We are feeling very good about this adoption, he is such a wonderful dog! We’ll be bringing him up to PetSmart soon to have him all groomed. I’m sure he’ll love that. Thanks for holding the adoption event, we certainly weren’t looking for our missing edition, but are so glad we found him!