Happy Tails

New Hope Animal Rescue’s mission is to find all the animals in our care wonderful families and happy lives.  We were established to provide for the rescue, care and placement of animals that have been abandoned, neglected, abused or cannot be kept by their previous owner(s).

Below are a few of our Happy Tails!!  This is why we do what we do!

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  • Buddy

    Buddy has been a joy and a welcome addition to our lives. He goes everywhere with us from camping, the kids baseball games and festivals. He's very protective of the boys and wishes he could sleep with them at night but when left alone he would eat everything.
  • Cleo aka Fatima

    Fatiima is doing great. I have changed her name to Cleo, short for Cleopatra. Because she is the Queen of the house. My little dog Jack loves her. They keep each other company. I love to watch them play hide and seek through the house. I am awaken every morning by ...
  • Snickers aka Malaya

    Malaya, now renamed Snickers is part of the family. She is such a sweet cat and very playful. She's always up for chasing the laser dot or jumping at the feather toy, so we are never bored! Since the weather has turned cooler she has become quite the lap cat. My hu...
  • Spud

    Hi! This is Jenn. We adopted Spud on Sunday at PetSmart. We are calling him Zeke. It seems to fit him better. I just wanted to give you a quick update on him. He is fitting in so perfectly with us! I have attached a picture for you, he's just chilling out on the co...
  • Ozzy aka Lucky

    Hi. Just wanted to send you an update on Lucky. We adopted him last February and we renamed him Ozzy. We love him and he fits with our family so well. The pictures are of him on his 2nd birthday doing what he loves (catching Frisbee). Thank you so much for all you ...
  • Winston aka Vegas

    Thank you for the followup! We changed Vegas' name to Winston! Winston has adjusted wonderfully and runs the house. So playful and lovable. We are pleased as much as he is to be in our family.
  • Chase

    Chase is an amazing dog. We love him with all of our hearts. He's so sweet. He went from a single owner to a family of five that spoils him. He took his first vacation with the family to Hilton Head Island in August. Chase really doesn't like other dogs, so we keep...