Chase is an amazing dog. We love him with all of our hearts. He’s so sweet. He went from a single owner to a family of five that spoils him. He took his first vacation with the family to Hilton Head Island in August. Chase really doesn’t like other dogs, so we keep Chase from other dogs as much as possible. We do try to take him around our relatives’ dogs, he doesn’t like it, but he is well b
ehaved. So, we take him on quiet walks. He has full reign of the house during the day. He started chewing on leather women shoes only…. we just have to put up the shoes before leaving the house each day- this is a behavior he started when my daughter went to WVU and my niece leaves for a long weekend. He misses them a lot..He has added joy and has been a blessing to our lives. Pictures: He loves crawling in my daughter’s bed and hiding.